The history of philosophy is explored in a series of core questions that have shaped human reflection for the last 5,000 years.


  1. What the hell happened?

The first lecture, "What the Hell Happened" lays the foundation for the series by exploring the pre-history of human society and the first known occurrence of philosophical reflection in the Epic of Gilgamesh.


2. What the Hell is Going On?

This lecture by Wesley Cecil PhD. explores the intellectual changes represented by the work of the early Greek Materialists like Thales, Democritus, Epicurus and finally Euclid. Also explores the shift from a Mytho-poetic outlook to one based on reason.

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3. How Should People Live?

An exploration of the birth of ethics in the Ancient Greek world and how this has created a series of problems that we face in our everyday lives.

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4. How Should we Govern?

This lecture explores how governments and communities create a sense of belonging and meaning.

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5. Why was the past so great?

An exploration of Confucianism and the Chinese philosophical tradition that focuses on the respect for history within the context of a coherent geo-political environment. Note: The sound is a little weird because the rain was so loud I had to heavily compress/eq the recording to make it listenable.

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6. What can we learn from nature?

This lectures explores Taoism by focusing on the central role nature plays as a guideline to clear thinking and correct living.

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7. Where is the Universe?

This lecture explores the foundation of Hinduism and the Brahmanism that underwrites the key philosophical outlook of Indian culture.

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8. Why is life so hard?

This lecture explores the original impulse at the foundation of Buddhism to overcome human suffering by eliminating the causes of that suffering.

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9. The New World?

An exploration of Maya and Aztec philosophy within the context of the amazing advances made in Meso-American studies over the last decade.

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10. So, About God . . .?

This lecture explores the history of the Catholic church and the many Heresies the church repressed.

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11.  Why Golden?

This lecture explores the Islamic Golden Age, it's origins, some key figures, and it's legacy.

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12. What Was Reborn?

This lecture explores the Renaissance as a cultural and philosophical event.

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13. "Enlightened?"

This lecture explores the Enlightenment, it's origins and continuing influence on Western culture.

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14. What's this Science Thing?

An exploration of the scientific revolution.

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15. Truth?

The lecture explores the impact of the enlightenment and other cultural changes on undermining our ability to believe in TRUTH.

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16. Nihilism?

An exploration of the development and influence of nihilism on contemporary thought and the many responses to the nihilistic impulse.

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17. The Earth?

A speculative consideration of the environmental question as a philosophical issue relative to our values.

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