The Life Philosophical

You are invited to join Wes, an award winning teacher and philosopher, on a journey of inspiration and transformation. Wes's seminar provides a unique approach, developed over the last decade, to help you move from reading philosophy to a Philosophical life. 

June 26th - 28th

July 10th - 12th

In Port Townsend, Washington
Each day’s class runs from 9am - 4pm approximately.

A view of a small section of the garden.

A view of a small section of the garden.

You will learn special techniques, time tested approaches and down to earth advice to help articulate your unique vision. In essence, you join Wes for a behind the scenes tour of beauty, insight and a life dedicated to the joys of philosophy. You will leave inspired and with the tools to help you pursue your own path of deep reflection, writing, and reaching out to others through conversations and lectures.  

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The path to Transformation

This three-day seminar will immerse you a beautiful environment, surround you with conversation, guide you in deep reflection and inspire you to transform your life. Each day will include four hours of exercise and conversations guided by Wes Cecil, time to reflect and take notes, exercises to work on in the evening, a tour of Port Townsend to including a private tour of painting studio of an astounding local painter and thinker.

You will :

  • Participate in guided conversation

  • Have time to reflect in a lovely, private space

  • Participate in exercises designed to spark insight and overcome mental barriers.

Set in secluded woods on the outskirts of Port Townsend, Washington, the course takes place in a private and garden that has never before been open to the public.


The course includes:

  • Class time from 9am-4pm each day

  • Six gourmet meals (three breakfasts, three lunches) prepared with an award winning chef from locally sourced, organic food.

  • A morning exploration of Port Townsend Washington designed to discover the outlines of a beautiful life and give insight into the elements and people that can support and inspire us.

  • A pre-course package with exercises, reading material, and surprise gifts designed to delight and inspire.

  • A special edition of my lectures, available nowhere else, with higher quality audio and extra material.

  • Access to a follow up online- group to help participants continue developing their insights and motivate their transformations.

Please join me for this unique opportunity to invest the time in yourself and create a deeper understanding of your world.


The garden is located 5 miles from downtown Port Townsend and is within easy reach of many high quality hotels, B&Bs and Fort Worden.

The lighthouse at Fort Worden

Downtown Port Townsend boatyard

Beach at Fort Worden

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Each course is limited to 12 people so space is extremely limited.

$1750 per person. Includes six meals, snacks, course materials, access to private garden, forest, artist's loft, local gift certificates and more. A special gift box will be sent to you shortly after you sign up.