The Life Philosophical Retreat

The Life Philosophical Retreat


You are invited to join Wes, an award winning teacher and philosopher, on a journey of inspiration and transformation. Wes's seminar provides a unique approach, developed over the last decade, to help you move from reading philosophy to a Philosophical life. 


  • Class time from 9am-4pm each day

  • Six gourmet meals (three breakfasts, three lunches) prepared with an award winning chef from locally sourced, organic food.

  • A morning exploration of Port Townsend Washington designed to discover the outlines of a beautiful life and give insight into the elements and people that can support and inspire us.

  • A pre-course package with exercises, reading material, and surprise gifts designed to delight and inspire.

  • A special edition of my lectures, available nowhere else, with higher quality audio and extra material.

  • Access to a follow up online- group to help participants continue developing their insights and motivate their transformations.