William James Seminar


William James Seminar


An exploration of William James' thought focusing on Pragmatism and Principals of Psychology.

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William James had an amazingly open and incisive mind. This Seminar focuses on understanding two of James' seminal works as a means to comprehending his general world view and the breadth of his contributions to the life of the mind. I include two sections from Principles of Psychology as an introduction to the entire masterpiece. I also explore two passages from his lecture What is Pragmatism. Finally, because I couldn't help myself, I include a brief introduction to The Varieties of Religious Experience.

Includes over an hour and a half of in-depth audio plus a course guide with specific passages and questions.

0. A Note On Reading
1. James Intro
2. Pragmatism Part 1
3. Pragmatism Part 2
4. Principals of Psychology Part 1
5. Principals of Psychology Part 2
6. Varieties of Religious Experience