The Pre-Socratic Philosophers Seminar


The Pre-Socratic Philosophers Seminar


An exploration of the handful of thinkers from 2,600 years ago who launched a grand intellectual experiment that continues to influence us today.

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This seminar really presents philosophy as a jigsaw puzzle. We have few reliable records for the pre-Socratics. Yet, what we have makes it clear how crucial they were to the development of the western world. Focusing on Thales, Solon, and Archelaus as we find them in Diogenese and Thales, this seminar presents the dawn of our worldview and the beginning of conflicts that still baffle us today.

Includes over an hour and a half of in-depth audio plus a course guide with specific passages and questions.

0. A Note on Reading
1. Pre-Socratics Intro
2. Thales Part 1
3. Thales Part 2
4. Archelaus
5. Solon Part 1
6. Solon Part 2