The word Seminar derives from the Latin seminarium - 'seed plot'. I think of these seminars as plots where your understanding can be nourished and encouraged. The core of each seminar is around 90 minutes of new lectures that explore a few select passages from two or three key works in depth. I have found that understanding a single passage often opens a previously impenetrable work to me, and I hope these lectures will help you in the same way. I provide a list of suggested readings that includes biographical and historical works that seem apt to aid in understanding the context for the philosophy under consideration. I have also listed a few key questions to keep in mind as one studies.   I think the combination of careful reading, gaining a fuller historical background, asking a few questions, and exploring selected passages in great detail provides the best method for growing our understanding of great philosophy and philosophers.

Friedrich Nietzsche Seminar

An exploration of Nietzsche's thought focusing on The Gay Science and Thus Spake Zarathustra.

The Pre-Socratic Philosophers Seminar

An exploration of the handful of thinkers from 2,600 years ago who launched a grand intellectual experiment that continues to influence us today.

William James Seminar

An exploration of William James' thought focusing on Pragmatism and Principals of Psychology.

Karl Marx Seminar

This Seminar focuses on two of Marx's short works, The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts o 1844 and the Communist Manifesto, to give a firm foundation on which to understand Marx's longer and often much more confusing longer works.